Parmenides I. Mpousios

Academic Study & Research


Parmenides Ioannis Mpousios has graduated from the Hellenic Open University studying Greek civilization. He is the main organizer of three Greek pagan ceremonial rituals: Dionysus Dendrites, Dionysian-Dithyrambs and for the last three years of the funerary procession of the gardens of Adonis. He has been organizing the ancient Greek fest Phallephoria for the past 5 years in the historical center of Athens, with details based on experimental archaeology.

His vision is to make this event a cultural institution for all Greeks and people from around the world to keep Hellenic cultural rituals alive. Every year, he holds the leading acting role of Dionysus and always seeks to enrich the event with new elements from his manifold research, giving it a new dimension every year. Read his first interview about Phallephoria, from 2014, here.